Covid-19 Precautions

The world has been hit by a lot of uncertainty recently. There’s been lockdowns world-wide, businesses have shut and there’s a worry about journeying outside of your home or country. We understand that here at Le Stylo Noir Writer’s Retreat and so we wanted to dedicate a page to explain what we are doing to make sure people can have peace of mind when they visit.

Your room will be equipped with items you can use/take home with you
  • We monitor the situation and watch the news each day, and we try to react to each piece of news as quickly as possible.
  • Each room has a box of items in it: a small bottle of hand-sanitiser, a paper cup for use in your room, a large bottle of water, a mug to use during your stay and take home with you (we will wash it each night and give it back to you in the morning), a pack of biscuits and a pen. These items may change if some are unavailable but we aim to find an adequate replacement.
  • If you need any more hand sanitiser or masks we can point you in the direction of the local supermarket (and if you feel truly uncomfortable or anxious about going to get the items yourself, you can give us the money for it and one of us will go for you).
  • We cook all meals on the premises and have recently obtained our Health, Safety and Hygiene Certification in France. The main cook in the house is also a trained chef and has had to adhere to Hygiene rules in England (as well as held a certificate there), which are the same as in France.
  • If you pay for a stay here, and pay our non-refundable deposit, but then your town or city goes into lockdown so you cannot come we will give you a full refund (including your deposit). If you wish to move the date instead, we will also accommodate you with that.
  • Lastly, we are situated in the middle of the Breton countryside. We have a large garden to explore and we are surrounded by peaceful and quiet villages with spectacular walks.

We hope you’re all doing well and we hope we’ll get to meet some of you soon. Follow us on Facebook @LeStyloNoirRetreat or on Twitter @LeStyloNoir22 for updates.

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