5 Night Stays (With Visits)

What is it?

There are three stays available: Landscape Week, Inspirational Week and Arthurian Week.

During your stay you will be invited, in-between your writing, to join us on two excursions in Brittany which we hope will inspire and relax you. These are included in the price of your stay. If you are driving to the Retreat we may ask you to drive yourself to the locations but all directions will be provided for you. If you do not wish to drive yourself, other arrangements will be made.

The trips will allow you to see beautiful Brittany in all it’s glory. After all, what’s the use of coming to France and not allowing yourself to experience it?

We aim to go out for a meal once during the week (depending on local restrictions) and we will be putting 20 euros per person towards the meal (if you spend over this amount, we ask you pay the balance).

All 5 Night Stays begin on a Monday around 3pm and end on the following Saturday Morning at 11am.

Landscape Week

Writing about settings and describing them in great detail is a special skill of a writer. During this week we’ll go and see some different landscapes: wonderful woodlands, bright beaches, amazing gardens or grand houses and allow our imaginations to go wild.


11th July- 16th July 2022 (SPECIAL PRICE: £725).

Inspirational Week

One of the hardest parts of writing is finding the inspiration to sit down and write. As the famous phrase by Thomas Edison goes ‘Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration’. The trips in this week will aim to inspire and gain that 1 percent, so you can more easily write that 99 percent. Imagine lonely islands in a world of their own, towns that appear to go back in time, animals and plants living together in harmony. By the end of this week we hope you’ll be ready to write, write, write.


19th September- 24th September 2022

Arthurian Week

Brittany, historically, was founded by the Celts and so it shares similar stories as Wales, Isle of Man, Cornwall etc. Each of the Celtic bases lays claim to the stories of King Arthur and his knights, and Brittany is no different. During this week we’ll explore these stories by visiting places that appear to have stepped right out of a fantasy: wonderful, grand woodlands where you can almost hear the sound of the horses’ hooves beating on the ground; the lake where Excalibur is claimed to have been thrown to the Lady of the Lake; Merlin’s tomb where he was turned into a stone. The choices are endless but, wherever we go during this week, we hope you’ll leave feeling like you experienced the world of King Arthur and his knights. What could be better for a writer than to live in a story?


6th June- 11th June 2022 (SPECIAL PRICE: £675.

Price for 5 Nights- Room and Full Board

Dumas: £850, single person.

Hugo: £850, single person.

If you wish to book your stay, email us on lestylonoirretreat@gmail.com for availability. Thank you.

During booking you will be asked if you wish to pay the full price or a deposit. The deposit is non-refundable and any cancellation has to be made five weeks in advance*. You will be asked, by email, to pay the final instalment five weeks before. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon.

*If your city/town goes into a lockdown or you find yourself quarantined/in self-isolation and you cannot visit on the date you are booked in, please email us and we will either book you in for another date or provide you a full refund.

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